Welcome to the Junior League of Lancaster Sustainers!

Thank you for your interest in the Junior League of Lancaster (JLL). Sustainers are members who have completed the requirements of Active membership and choose to transition to Sustainer status.

Many Sustainers remain involved with the League’s work, including working on fundraising endeavors, serving as committee liaisons, working on projects, and providing counsel upon request. A Sustainer Committee coordinates activities. In addition, many of our Sustainers use their leadership skills by serving on various community boards.

The Sustainers are as busy as they would like to be! The Social Chairs have created many opportunities for sustaining members. Whether it be attending a monthly Book Club meeting, taking a planned hike, decorating a wreath for the holidays, or listening to a photographer share their work at a local art museum–there is something for everyone! That is just the beginning of a list of opportunities our Social Chairs have planned for us! We get to share a laugh, a new experience, and enjoy our Sustainer friendships.

Are you a Sustainer who resigned and now wishes to re-instate?

We look forward to welcoming you back into the League! To begin the process, contact both Debbie Havert, Sustainer Chair, as well as Amanda Spencer, Sustainer Treasurer.

Are you a Sustainer who is planning to transfer to the Junior League of Lancaster?

We look forward to welcoming you! All incoming Sustainers must lodge a transfer-out request via their outgoing League.

To our current Sustainers, a hearty thanks for all you do to support the League. Your historical perspective, experience and knowledge are always welcomed! Please do join us at some of our social events, many fundraising events, and special upcoming JLL Centennial Year Celebration Events!

If you are not receiving our weekly Tuesday Newsday editions in your email inbox, please notify Brittany Fellin, Communications VP.

For Digital Cheetah technical support, including requests relating to updating your profile or obtaining/resetting your login credentials, please direct all inquiries to Elizabeth Reidenbach, Corresponding Secretary.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

If you’re moving to the Lancaster area and are interested in transferring to the Junior League of Lancaster, we are thrilled for you to join our League.

You must notify your CURRENT League as a first step. The procedure varies by League so check your League’s website, your membership directory, or contact the Corresponding Secretary for guidance.

Your League will notify the JLL of your intent to transfer and we will send you a welcome email. You will be contacted by the Sustainer Chair who will share the year’s curriculum, social calendar and dues requirement. Once your sending League enters the transfer and it is received by JLL you will have 90 days to pay your JLL dues. JLL policies require dues to be paid in 90 days or you will be dropped from our membership.

If you are due a refund from your previous League, please work with them to arrange for the refund. Because each League is independent, we are unable to transfer funds between Leagues.

If you have any further questions, please email Debbie Havert, Sustainer Chair.