Sustainer Chair’s Message

A Message from the 2023-2024 Sustainer Chair of the Junior League of Lancaster, Debbie Havert

“We all have a unique light to share with the world. However, we know that is not enough. Let us carry on the light and shine the light on others.” 

As Sustainers, think about the verb, sustain. In the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, part of the definition is to give support, to nourish, to buoy up. With our experience from many years of service, we as Sustainers, do find ourselves sharing guidance with our “sisters in service” the Actives. Many of us sit on various committees and relish the fact that our experience, “our light” is welcomed and cherished.

As we embark on this momentous Centennial Year, let us think about how all of the Junior League of Lancaster leaders throughout our hundred years, lifted, guided, facilitated the many projects that would later become amazing organizations in service to our Lancaster community. They shone their light on others with their amazing leadership skills, empathy, and commitment to service.

What we know about leaders is that they always shine the light on others. They do not seek the limelight. They work diligently to share their skills with others as trained volunteers. Our training has prepared us for leadership.

In celebration of our Centennial Year, I have written lyrics and music to commemorate this remarkable year. It is a “thank you” to all of the JLL members who have come before us, who presently are with us, and those who will come after us. You will have to wait to hear the music, however, here are the lyrics celebrating all of our members of this Junior League of Lancaster, for the work that has been accomplished, the work to be done, and the light to shine:

Carry On the Light: A Junior League of Lancaster 100th Anniversary Tribute

Time and time again

We reflect on who we are.

Time and time again

Our hopes are in the stars.

But when we need to pause

And honor those who serve,

We lift our voices strong

And laud those who deserve.

Carry on the light,

Carry on the light.

For those who came in the lead

And those who will proceed.

It’s our honor to know

That we’re known for all our energy!

Compassion, leadership, and empathy

They’ve taken us through a century!

We will continue close

With respect for all as goal.

We will continue close,

With love as our global role.

Carry on the light

Carry on the light,

We’ll take the time to honor our past

And look forward for our service to last.

Carry on the light,

Carry on the light!

For those who came in the lead,

All of us will continue to proceed!


Carry on the Light!

Debbie Havert, 2023-2024 Sustainer Chair