How can I become a member of Junior League of Lancaster?

Junior League of Lancaster conducts multiple New Member Orientations each year. Click here for more information on the application process.

I am a member in good standing of another Junior League. How do I transfer my League membership when I move to Lancaster?

Contact the Secretary of the League you are transferring from, and she will initiate and assist you with the transfer process. For additional questions, contact our Corresponding Secretary.

I used to be a member of the Junior League of Lancaster, but resigned in good standing. How do I reinstate my membership?

Contact the Placement Chair with your desire to reinstate your membership.

What is a New Member?

A new member is defined as a member engaged in a period of training focused on gaining exposure, along with a greater understanding of the League’s community involvement, initiatives, partners and fundraising. This process prepares new members for active status.

What is an Active Member?

Active members have completed new member orientation, requirements and have achieved Active status. Active members continue training to become effective volunteers and civic leaders. Their focus is on community partners, running the League effectively and fundraising. They maintain Active status by demonstrating volunteer service to the community and to the League by fulfilling the requirements for Active membership.

What is a Sustaining Member?

Upon achieving Active requirements, a member may transition to Sustainer status after 8 years if she chooses. A Sustaining member remains involved in League work, fundraising and serving as advisors with partners and projects.

What are the financial obligations of membership?

New & Active Member Dues: $110
Sustaining Dues: $80
*Contact the Treasurer to learn more about available payment plans

What are the time requirements of the Junior League of Lancaster?

Mandatory General Membership Meetings are held the first Monday of every month and are approximately 1 hour in length. Members are allowed two excused meetings every year. Every active member serves on at least one committee placement. These time requirements vary based on committee placement and can be tailored to your availability and interests. Time commitments range from 10-100 hours per year.

Where are the Junior League of Lancaster’s headquarters?

Our headquarters are located in the carriage house of President James Buchanan’s Wheatland mansion. 1130 Marietta Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17603